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My attention was drawn to that county of infamy this morning as I read about the deputy who decided not to charge in and face the shooter during the attack that killed 17 children at the school there. Scot Peterson is to undergo a deposition as the investigation into what went wrong continues into it’s 10th month.  The news item had to do with the deputy asking for a restraining order to prevent one of the parents who lost a daughter from attending.   Yes, this is the same county that lost votes, couldn’t count votes, and made no apologies.  The county was named for Napolean Bonaparrt Broward, a governor of Florida who made it a mission to drain the Everglades.  Right.  Broward is heavily populated with  democrats of various ethnicity.  Not that there os anything wrong with that.  But it is a prime example of what happens when a place has an extended democrat governance.  


I would also cite California in the same category but you already know all about that place.  The outgoing Speaker of the House, what was his name again… Paul somebody… questioned how it came to be that every republican lost out in Orange County.  Many of the republicans were leading after the initial votes were counted, but facts don’t get in the way when democrats count votes.  They just keep counting and finding until they get the outcome desired.  Neferious…? Nah… democrat.

I know some very smart, principled people with the charisma of strong leadership.  They exhibit integrity and Christian values in their daily lives, even when no one is looking.  None of these folks would ever consider running for office.  The stigma and moral corruption of politics is an anathema.  Those who pass though the colander of quality become the leadership and thus we are doomed.

Do you care that hussein authorized tear gas against violent migrants at the border…?  Does it matter…? Actually I doubt he even knew that was happening, because he only got his news from the the same interpreters we got it from and they thought it unworthy of mention.


Let’s see… Something really stupid and self-serving… Hmmmm... I’ve got nothing.  Oh wait… jeff flake…

On the bright side, the TV show Murphy Brown will not be renewed.   Not because the constant anti-PDT blather disgusted viewers.  Just because no one really watches the silly tripe.

I made a to-do list.  It’s very long.  And smearing my opinions across these pixels is not on it.  Sigh…



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