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Rinse and repeat.  And tomorrow is supposed to be even colder… 


I’m not convinced Mueller won’t tarnish PDT is such a way that the dems will have real ammunition but apparently the interpreters and the investigators are starting to lose faith in the collusion mantra they have been chanting since 2016.  In the long run it doesn’t matter.  They will fling any sort of foul effluent at the wall hoping something will stick.  So far nothing has and one hopes the spatter will soil the democrat chances next fall.  Way too early in any case.  With the attention span of the Great American Voter, their final determination will come about 2 hours before the vote.


Last night our church held a town hall to discuss the decision of the Conference to maintain a traditional view of Methodism and homosexuality.  Our Pastor presented it all in a very clear articulate way.  He is superb at that.  He was, to my ears, trying to soften the impact of the decision on those sympathetic to or residing within the LBGTXYZ community.  

The decision made at the Conference is being appealed to the highest court within the Church on the premise that it is unconstitutional based on the Constitution of Church.  Should the decision be overturned on that basis, the Discipline would revert to what it was before the Conference.  That was basically the same traditional wording but without the mandatory punishments for dissenters.  

What ever the decision of the court, the conference will convene again next year and the same issue will be debated.  Given the demographic facts of a declining American membership and the rapidly growing African, Philippine and South American delegations, another affirmation of the Traditional Church is very likely.  And so it goes…

Statement of fact: Methodism as practiced outside the United States is generally very conservative and traditional and the membership is growing rapidly.  Methodism as practiced in the United States is generally very progressive and liberal.  The population is declining rapidly.   Causation is not necessarily defined by correlation… But there you have it.

I am teaching again on Sunday.  The lesson is very difficult.  If you hear of my defection to the Ecuadorian  Embassy you will understand my motives.

We live with a millennial.  We do not inhabit the same culture.  Typical of the millennial situation, we have the resources; he has the attitude.  Consider that now there are millennials in Congress.  One of them, AOC, has been reported by the interpreters to have participated in an election scam.  Given the usual circling of the wagons and omission of democrat crimes, it appears that the even the democrats tire of the millennial behavior.  Funny.

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