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Burn out

I need a break so I’m doing a short blog today.  

Epstein… what a farce.  Of course he was taken out.  It’s like a scene from a really bad crime novel.  We'll never officially know who pulled the strings just like we don’t know who officially set up PDT.  But we do know, don’t we…?

Of course we do

Here is just how out of touch I am.  I consider Elizabeth Warren to be a fringe nut job with the charisma of a poison ivy plant.  I can no more see her as  President than I can the pit bull next door.  And the pit bull is significantly less angry and hateful. Yet she seems to be taking the lead among the other circus clowns on the democrats slate…  Poor joey is suffering from foot in the mouth disease so badly, his handlers are taking him off the circuit.  It would seem to me that except in the states with more than two genders, she would actually make some democrats vote for PDT.


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