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Burn out


The cartoon is more than parody.  The outrageous behavior no longer outrages.  Folks keep saying that the screeching, screaming, irrational bellowing  from the left is just helping get PDT elected again. But in fact that once unacceptable level of vitriolic and visceral hate has become normalized.  Death threats, lies, attempted murder, slander, schemes by the Justice department to impeach… it’s just the way they are.  Accept it and move on.  I won’t accept it but I have run out of new ways to condemn it. 


Even though Kimberly’s Friday brilliance diced former CIA Czar brennan through the sharp blades of the Strassel mastery of fact and the written word, the impact is zero.  There probably is no more contemptible figure from the obama years, short  of hussein himself, than that caricature of  contempt.  Yet his singularly criminal role in the pursuit of humiliation and persecution of the Donald is largely shrugged off and ignored.  That’s just the way he is….


Last night good friends gathered here for dinner and conversation.  We spoke of family and travel; cabbages and kings.  No polemics.  At one point Joe reminisced about his grandparents, their wisdom and happiness with just a sufficiency of possessions.   That evoked thoughts of how far we have wandered from the values that made America Great.  Those values have been squeezed out of the tube and I fear there is no pushing them back in…

aa© Robert Graham 2012