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My days are marked with weighty business.  Every morning about 30 minutes after breakfast, Hannah Houdini comes to me and demands to be let out.  Naturally everyone else wants to go along.  So that takes time and attention.  Today I decided I could no longer tolerate my need for a haircut, so after the dog event I went to the haircut store and bought one. Whew, I am exhausted and there is no end in sight.  Today is the monthly ’61 luncheon.  And I may go by the Apple store to see if they will replace the failing battery in my phone… I blame PDT… I was never this busy while hussein was screwing us over.

Golf starts in two weeks.  It’s still cold.  Damn that groundhog.

I don’t know anything about the economics of tariffs.  I do know that such things have been applied in the past by GWB.  Don’t recall the predictions of doom that preceded such an imposition but maybe I was playing a particularly good video game at the time.  In any case I suspect life will go on.  Given the attention span and international trade awareness of the average voter, my suspicion is the democrats will whine and the republicans will make poor choices.  


The TV guy is coming back with the new fibre-optics wire tomorrow.  What are the chances that he and that will fix the TV… ? Yeah… about the same as the chance that PDT didn’t’ “collude” with Sweet Stormy… 

I want a special prosecutor to investigate the special prosecutor and the FBI and the DOJ and FISA courts and Samsung TV repair and how little terrier mixes can get through the fence.  And don’t even get me started on why I can’t get the Ring of Royal Grandeur in my Diablo game… 

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