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Scott and family have been here since Monday so not much time for this space.  I played some golf with Kayla… Scott has been busy establishing himself as a resident.   He got a drivers license, registered his car and got a voting card.  He is a resident.

An on-line friend alerted me to the availability of the elusive PS 5 at Amazon.  I got my order in and it is supposed to be delivered today.  Believe it when I see it.

Fortunately the Junior Grahams, including Kayla are politically conservative.  I wonder how long she will be able to maintain her principles at UF… But in the interim we all enjoy the mockery of p* and the complete loss of sanity among the dems over the overturning of Roe…

The emergence of Thomas into the public eye has bee a treat for all of us of the barbarian class.

Kayla fell off her bike riding the other day.  No serious injury but we did feel compelled to get her this book:

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