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Had to get Hope to the vet before her morning pee.  That meant getting the other three out to do the morning thing without Hope copying.  Long story short:  We made it.

Getting estimates for redoing the deck in composite.  Sigh.  I have poured more money into that deck than I ever should have… aaaarggh.  Maybe this will fix it once and for all.

As we were driving to the vet, listening to the local blather coming from the radio.  Tony, the blather master, was bad mouthing religion.  He’s a libertarian atheist but not necessarily completely off track.  In any case as he was citing the crimes of religion, the thought struck me that God provides a place for him, makes few demands, encompasses him in His Grace, offers him eternal life and he says: well it sounds like BS to me…  Same sort of the thing as with these anti-American Americans who thrive on the bounty of this great Nation, are content to let others defend their freedom and whine about the oppression and misery as they play some sport or other.  Both category of folks should have interesting conversations during the eternal life interviews.

Ever wonder…?


Scott arrives tomorrow.  Just got a text and they are on the way - via China…


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