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Busy day

Mei Mei is busy getting ready to host her Circle meeting tomorrow.  That should involve  baking but our oven has been out of service for weeks.  In theory the part has arrived and may be installed tomorrow.  Halo goes into the eye vet this morning to have his stitches removed.  We have high hopes that the acupuncture and surgery have fixed his eye problems.

Congrats to Joe and Bonnie for successful rehabbing and adopting Scout. He’s a special boy.

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I have said this before, in particular when the Great American Voter decided to re-elect hussein to a second term. I say it again.  If the aforementioned GAV casts legitimate ballots that keep the democrats in power, the country will never stop the decline.  Given the travesty of the p* administration with the complete support of the democrat congress, only complete idiots would vote democrat.


Soon one will only be able to buy gas powered cars in Florida and Texas.  Some enterprising company will continue to build them and russia will provide the gas and oil.  that’s a bit silly but the probability is never zero. Sadly the rest of the world will be on rotating blackouts because:

In the meantime:

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