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Busy day

Both dental and eye appointments today.  Nothing startling but time consuming.

Jackson calls every 10 days or so.  He is starting the end game on his training.  By February he will be what is best described as a Navigation Electronics Technician.  NavET.  A fairly amazing transition from where he was last year at this time.  We are very proud of him.  But to keep things in perspective, we are very proud of all of our grandchildren. Their success in life is what we pray for regularly.

I fear the dems don’t realize the damage they are doing to themselves with these hearings.  They regularly preempt soaps during the afternoon.  The ran late into the evening last night and almost  into Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  Close one.  Step on Alex Trebeck and kiss your future goodbye…  

The sun is shining.  At least for now.  Word is going around that the Sun was witness to some quid pro quo on the part of the clintons...


epstein did not kill himself

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