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Busy Friday

A lot going on today.  Still finishing my lesson plan, tomorrow is the A-N game with classmates in attendance, and Tuesday the Stephen Ministers will celebrate Christmas here.  Some of us may be, sort of approaching the age where it all could be too much.

In other news, a professor at the University of Texas has been pulled out of class because she warned her students to be respectful.  She has to undergo classroom management training.  And then there is a professor from Minnesota who tweeted this:


I do have a pneumonia, bronchitis, a cold and the flu and probably any number of psychological disorders;  I am slowly perishing due to biological degradation, sometimes known as almost old age, so perhaps it’s not my fault I cannot grasp what makes these people tick.

It isn’t fair to judge an entire class of people by just one representative.  But, that said, this person is considered the future of the democrat party.  Anyway who ever said life was fair...

22 apps with 2 millions plus downloads on the Google Store had malicious backdoors for stealing data and other nefarious purpose.  Anyone who trusts Google not to be evil is sadly delusional.

Speaking of apps, Apple has just updated the health app on the iPhone and Apple Watch to permit a quasi- EKG.  They provide it with many, many disclaimers but it does in fact record the jagged line one sees when having a real EKG done.  The program analyzes for symptoms of Afib and will notify the user.  DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO DIAGNOSE ESPECIALLY FOR HEART ATTACKS.  Yeah, they really want to emphasize that.

To those who advocate a carbon tax to rectify the AGW crises that holds our climate in an icy grip:  look at what is happening in France as how the reaction may develop.  Good and patriotic citizens of the US seldom demonstrate in the streets.  Should those folks, who are, in general, armed to the teeth get angry enough to become bellicose, there will be blood drawn.  Bad juju, believe me.

There’s more but I am out of time and energy.


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