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Busy Mornings

Things to do, places to go… Anyway, this morning the Virginian-Pilot, whose democrat talking points I seldom read, carried a front page article “reporting” on an unruly school board meeting.  The reporter editorialized heavily as she described the public speakers, citing only that their claims were unreasonable and unscientific. Oddly none of the speakers arguments were detailed, only condemnation of the heresy and vitriol contained therein. The reader was left to speculate exactly what was  objected to or advocated by the crowd. Whatever it was the reporter didn’t like it and refused to give it air.  At the conclusion of the meeting the board voted to impose masking on students and teachers.  The weight and wisdom of the CDC not withstanding, one wonders why the science of how the masking mandates actually mitigates the disease has not been presented at a level we poor barbarians of this country can understand.

Sadly the above reemphasizes the absence of journalism, long gone from American news reporting.  But the real message is that school boards across the country are ignoring a rapidly growing anger among the real people of the country.  By real I mean those who work for a living and are trying to raise their children.  Federal and local fiat are becoming less and less acceptable to folks who just want to live their lives. Standby.  It’s going to get worse.

The WSJ published a piece on the increase in flooding around the world.  The premise was that rainfall is out of control due to climate change.  There may have been some factual reasoning in the article but I can no longer distinguish truth in the  articles that scream the sky is falling.  The consensus among the climate change panic crowd is mankind is going to destroy the planet and ourselves.  My thought is if God wants the the planet and mankind destroyed, that is pretty much beyond the reach of politicians…

I am off to a luncheon with USNA classmates.  There I will find an echo chamber for exactly the opinions I express and love to hear.  And thus will the problems of the world be solved.


  © Robert Graham