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Busy week

Visits to medical folk, and other busy work have complicated my attempts to open this page and blather.  As I have noted n the past I am only able to muster sufficient quantities  of ire and outrage in the pre-caffiene hours of the morning.

Apparently 124 Flag officers signed a blistering letter of condemnation of p*, his mental health and policies, such as they are.  Locally, within our ’61 community, heated words are flying back and forth as the those of a never-Trump forever bent condemn the signers while the more reasonable of us simply wince at the truth therein attested.

Is it coincidence that Israel is in flames, inflation is grabbing our economy, pipelines are hacked, teacher unions are punishing our children, governors are still mandating  despotic senseless laws, anarchy rules the streets of major cities, the workforce is paid to stay home and to quote Andy Griffith: “I don’t know what all”…

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind… p* is absent, physically and mentally and everyone, here and aboard, knows it. Within Naval experience when leadership is absent, the ship runs aground, literally and metaphorically.  The fix is to relieve the Commanding Officer so as to restore that vital quality and right the ship.  

Proper relief requires an electorate that is aware and uncorrupted.  If we continue to ignore the statistical impossibility of vote counts and the “ irregularities" that did exist, the interference of social media, the criminal bias of the news interpreters then no process is available to rectify the leadership vacuum that is our death knell.


Take it from there...

  © Robert Graham