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Busy with kids

When I last saw Kayla she had some great potential as a golfer.  Yesterday we played 9 holes together and she outdrove me on every hole and shot a 40, beating me by several strokes.  She is working with John Corlis, a local golf coach.  She is a joy to watch. See below:

Dean Koontz is an author of note.  His genre seems to be along the horror sort of thing so I am not generally a reader.  He came into my field of view because he is a Golden Retriever person and  usually inserts one onto his stories - always in a good way.  Kathleen, my daughter and reading buddy, recommended a series featuring Jane hawk, a lady from the FBI because it was less in the horror line and Jane is good character.  Turned out to be a series of five books the premise of which is some technical wizard had discovered how to create a nano-particle mixture which when injected into the human body assembles itself into a network of sorts within and around the brain.  The network is capable of taking over the human will and thus permits an external force to control absolutely the person so infected.  The essence of the story is that the control so enabled is taken by those with greed for power.  Large portions of government including leading officials of law enforcement and in particular, the news media and those who inform the world are infected and thus do the will of the evil, power obsessed bad guys.

I blather on about this because I can’t help but draw the parallel with the those infected by the anti-trump derangement.  That syndrome affects government, the DOJ and FBI and of course the news interpreters to the extent they will do anything to control and dictate behavior.  It’s frightening.  The good news is Jane Hawk defeated the forces of evil by using their technology against them.  It took her five books but she won.  Maybe, just maybe we can defeat the evil projected by democrats in the same way.  Let them run their insane candidates and perhaps they will self-destruct… perhaps…


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