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A lot going on today so 

Over the weekend, we did NOT take down Christmas.  First of all the New Years puzzle is not finished.  Secondly, I have vowed to clean the storage area where we hold the Christmas stuff and toss the the things that have been in there dormant for years.  Thirdly… Good football, gaming amd a general malaise.  I can go on with the list but you get the picture.  

Bonnie bought Joe a lovely LazyBoy desk chair which I admired.  Sunday, Bonnie delivered the same chair here, having used her shopping acumen to save $40.00 or so.  I assembled it last night amid a torrent of expletives as I put arms on backwards, lost vital screws and other examples of total ineptitude.  I was eventually successful.  Jackson and I rearranged the office layout so now I can sit in front of the computer and at the same time manipulate the controller for the gaming system.  As soon as I rig the necessary pillows and a pipeline to the bathroom, I can sit here until I get old.

IMG 1727

I don’t watch award shows.  The celebrities flexing their egos as they roil in self-worship leaves me retching.  They shout and whine about the plight of mankind under the rule of the same capitalism that made them rich beyond imagination and then withdraw to their walled enclosures safe from the travails of the common man. The fact that Christian Bale thanked Satan for his inspiration in playing Dick Cheney is all you need to know about that set of humanity. 


Now that the democrats are back in control of the checkbook, it will be fashionable for us, in and on the right, to remember the national debt.  We tend to be silent when republicans dictate outrageous and devastating spending.  So here we go:


One last one and then off to meet the day:


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