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By now

You know that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted.  Justice demanded that verdict. at least from the viewpoint of mature, thoughtful observers.  Of course that particular population would not have found themselves in the midst of a radical riot instigated by falsehoods, mindless reaction and liberal insanity.  In my mind, Kyle was there and in danger because of the idealism of his youth confronting real world irrational anger verging on insanity.  As the song goes: Teach your children well...

The unindicted villain is the corporate news media who in a predictable pattern produced false and inflammatory information in the form of biased news interpretation.  Included in the morass of dissembling prevaricators is p* who in his campaign blathering, pronounced Mr Rittenhouse a ‘White Nationalist”.  He further declared the verdict of the jury to have angered and concerned him… The clarifying question:  "Have you no decency sir..?” couldn’t be answered even if asked… (BTW that thought was plagiarized from an article by John Kass. Long but so very articulate and worth your time)

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