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Bye Bye 2021

Today we will join the McLanes via the magic of technology to celebrate the passing of 2021 and all of it’s misery. The arrival of 2022 is pending. Joe and Bonnie will join us for dinner, the skit and the much touted mystery puzzle.  We almost aways stay the course and watch the ball drop… Tonight is… eh....  The eyes get heavy earlier and earlier…


The Lame family is slowly regaining their strength and health as the wuhan’s bite begins to fade.  We are grateful that their case fell short of dire and that they were able to recover at home without intervention.  Turns out Ashlyn, the youngest, tested positive on the rapid test but negative on the supposedly more accurate PCR test… What ever the test, she was sick.


Of all the qualities of our culture lost to the eruption of  “we don’t need no stinkin’ morality…” among the left, the destruction of the integrity of the FBI was the most painful to accept.   To my generation, the FBI represented justice and the American way.  They put the bad guys in jail and protected the rights of the law abiding citizen. We knew we couldn’t trust the politician or even sometimes the local law…  But the FBI stood tall and righteous above the corrupted morass.  Then came the revelations of sedition and conspiracy among the leaders.  Criminality on the highest scale. Comey, McCabe and the many others who supposedly dealt in justice all stink of the un-prosecuted putrescence  they effected.  And it continues… The FBI shields those it favors and attacks those it does not. The shame is beyond my capacity to describe.


We have been watching episodes of “Chosen”, a serialized story of the ministry of Jesus.  It’s unlike anything I have ever seen and I highly recommend it.  We see it on Amazon Prime but I am sure it is available elsewhere.

  © Robert Graham