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Bye Halley

She leaves in a little over an hour.  This is getting too hard.  Time to turn in our foster plaque.  Maybe

Not much news for this morning’s rant.  PDT continues to roll.  Naturally, he can’t be given credit for anything because he is among the contemptibles who must not be acknowledged lest they breed and seek station above their due.  


The reality that the hussein group placed a spy in the Trump campaign staff is rattling about.  It’s a fact, verified by my heroine, Kimberly, but the circumstances and names are being scrubbed by those in the doj and fbi whose crimes would be revealed should the documents see the light of day.  The sad thing is even if we knew the full truth of the insidious and malicious actions fostered by hussein, nothing would ever come of it.  Republicans would say I told you so and liberals would say eh… so what?  Old news would have it’s way and we would just continue to march.  My teeth are clenched and my blood pressure is peaked.  eh… so what…   I really, really need to shoot some pixels.

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