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I feel I am pretty much up on the chancel culture.  I understand the objective is to muzzle, censor and squash any speech not strictly in accordance with leftist doctrine.  First Amendment included, I might add.  And of course I fully support those objectives, having actually cancelled myself on occasion.  But give me a break… Dr Seuss…?  Cancelled and thrust aside by none other that p*doj himself…?  All I can say is if they go after Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad D.ay, there will be consequences

My current chant is “NO MO COUMO”.  Sing it with me folks.  Very catchy.

Finally, today I heard that Kayleigh McEnany has joined Fox News.  That can only make Fox better and I am cheered by the announcement.  Those on the xPDT hate campaign are very, very upset.  I can understand their fear, after all…

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