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Can’t stand it...

I’ve got to stop reading/watching the “news”.  The truth is there is if you want to see it.  Turns out that Kavanugh’s mother was the judge in a home foreclosure case against the accusers family…  Yeah that’s true.   The stink from the this corrupted Anita Hill wannabe is starting to mix with the that produced by the malodorous jeff flake who now cannot in good conscience vote for Kavanaugh. I am close to apoplexy.


There is a lot happening this week.  The pool gets closed; the lawn reseeded; the final round of the golf tournament; and a trip to NORVA to visit.  Maybe even a haircut.  

We saw a bit of sunshine this morning but it’s gone now.  No rain to speak of but very overcast through the weekend. 

Today is Constitution day.  If you knew that you are among the very few.  From what I hear, only 22% of Americans can name the three branches of government.  Only 33% can name even one.  Meaningless and probably made up statistics.  Almost everyone can name the top 5 rappers so let’s focus on what’s important.

I’d better quit before my blood pressure peaks out…


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