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Cartoon Day

Most of the time Saturday Cartoons turn out to be pretty lame.  Exception today.  So many good ones, I have no room.

Topic A, of course, is the Jerry Springer show masquerading as the Kavanaugh hearings. Springer is in envy.  The booker/harris duo of intense melodramatics is unmatched in theater history.  They parody themselves so the cartoons are superfluous but here are a couple:

IMG 8492

Then we move on to the non-event of nike and kaepernick:


This is my favorite:

IMG 8493

Lena goes on the auction block Monday.  She is everything a golden should be.  Smart, pretty, loving, well behaved and totally without loyalty.  She will leave us with her new family without a moments thought about our heartbreak.  Sigh…

Golf is a four letter word.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Did you see the article by Nobel Prize winner paul krugman titled: Kavanaugh Will Kill the Constitution?  And the NYT is running an editorial:Brett Kavanaugh Cannot Be Trusted. I read that one and the crux is record notwithstanding, he cannot be trusted because PDT nominated him.  Derangement doesn’t begin to cover the mental breakdown of the left…

hussein jumped into the PDT  fray by asking (rhetorically of course) “How hard can that be, saying Nazis are bad?”  Robert O’Neill, former Navy Seal and famed trigger man, responded: “Nazis are bad.  Now try saying Radical Islam…” Then some idiot responded to that by saying: “He kinda killed Osama Bin Ladin. so…”  O’Neill asked:  "Do you know who you are talking to?” (link).  Chortle….



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