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Cartoon Day

We are still w/o internet.  Cox tells me it will be restored at 11:48 today.  I do love precision in my internet company, even if they cannot provide service.  This will make a fine skit should that need ever arise.

Great cartoons today at PowerLine.  There were several I wanted to steal but… when all one has is a phone hot spot… yeah…

It really is puzzling how the left is so completely deaf and blind to their behavior.  The Trump hating, Kavanaugh mobs; the inability to articulate beyond a primal scream; the blatantly racist reaction to Kanye West… Apparently there is a reaction among sane voters if one is to believe polls.  I am personally skeptical both of polls and the ability of the Great American People to maintain rationality beyond the time span of a few hours.  We’ll see…

Still no movement on an adopter for Lena.  Very strange given she is a pure golden with all of the good traits and only a counter cruising habit to break.  Poor Harry.  I probably should say poor me.  I have to carry him in and out four times a day.  

My back is starting to complain but then I do need the exercise.  Mike pointed me at a WSJ article saying video gamers are starting to work out more to avoid the natural degradation of muscle tone and tendon irritation.  I excuse my personal indolence by saying I am getting close to being old.  My brain, such that it is, needs more exercise than the flab.  Harry, God bless him, is just trying to look out for me.

Better get off and save my data.  Hopefully I’ll be back in battery at 11:48.

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