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Cartoon Day

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for a great adventure opposing the pixel community, the harris pretender to the throne was speaking on FOX.  From what I could discern, she was lamenting attacks on the asian American community????  Puzzled, I actually stopped to listen.  p*doj was standing in the background when suddenly he approached the mike, shoving the so called vp aside on an obvious attack on her ethnicity and in exercise of his white privilege.  He then began  to slur some additional words concerning the abuse of asian Americans.  They were both in Atlanta where earlier, a murder had occurred.  The victims were employees of several massage parlors.  Although the FBI and local police had determined that the perpetrator of the crimes was a deranged sex addict, the p* and vp* could not accept a motive other than racial discrimination.  Very confusing, especially so because the massage parlors were probably owned and managed by either white mafia or black drug dealers either or both trying to launder money.  

Great exchange between fauci and Rand Paul on the efficacy of wearing masks after being vaccinated.  Paul called fauci out as a fraud because the immunity granted by the vaccine clearly obviates the need for a mask.  fauci could only disagree.  Clearly there is no science to quote in his defense.  john kerry was unavailable for comment because he was flying (maskless) at the time.


Not only did p* have a bad day on the stairs of Air Force One, apparently his administration struck out in the diplomacy area with China and Russia. Putin challenged p* to a live debate and that made me laugh so hard, the pixels shot me.


I have a backlog of good cartoons, some stolen from PowerLine but I’m too lazy to generate the commentary.  So here without comments:

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And finally:

  © Robert Graham