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Cartoon day

But the quality of the cartoons has been poor lately.  Maybe it’s just me.  It probably is because I can never find what I want to reinforce a masterstroke of ironic humor.  Hmmm... there’s a message there but what could it be…?

Yeah, still improving.  We had a nice dinner with friends last night.  Can’t do better than that.  I had an essentially cough free night and a solid breakfast.  I was feeling a little undernourished after the 4 pound chunk of German Chocolate cake we had for dessert last night.

A couple of items in the off beat news this morning… That WP graduate who openly espoused communism and hatred for the civilian leadership his sworn oath compelled him to obey, was finally discharged from the Army.  The terminology applied was “under less than honorable conditions”.  At one point in history such a record would have meant difficulty for future employment opportunities.  Today he could walk onto the staff of practically any democrat, newspaper of record, CNN or even possibly a position in the DOJ.  

And the little announcement from Iranian officials that Iran aided and abetted the 9/11 attackers.  I have no way to validate but why would I doubt it…?  Wow if only hussein had known… He never would have given them such a deal… Right…?  Right…?  Yeah, riiiiiight…


See what I mean…?

aa© Robert Graham 2012