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Cartoon Saturday

is mostly about Game of Thrones.  Although I read the first three books and started the 4th, I have never watched the TV series.  Too cheap to subscribe to HBO.  We have Directv with 4.5 gadzillion channels.  We watch CBS and Fox.  Sometimes the Golf Channel.  We tried Netflix for House of Cards.  Yeah.  That was fun…

Anyway I didn’t get most of the cartoons which seemed to have something to do with the finale being critically unacceptable… 

The Mueller report sits on the democrat desks but they refuse to read it because it doesn’t say what they want it to say.  Easy to conflate the dems and the GoT critics :

IMG 1717

Poor Ginger had to have a tooth extracted yesterday.  This morning she is very quiet and sucking up the sympathy. Poor baby.  She lays about limply wagging if you put a hand on her.  But open the peanut butter jar and she is a different dog.

In the “wisdom I have seen on billboards” department";

Otherwise I have nothing to offer this morning other than the usual contempt for and derision of democrats:

IMG 1709

As you must know by now I am paranoid about internet security.  I thought my connection was safe from prying eyes because I use a VPN network.  Then I read some more and discovered I was not even close.  The trackers will get you even when they don’t have the obvious indicators.  They are way too smart for those of us who essentially know nothing.  The only safe connection is no connection.  Anyway they already know every thing except possibly what I had for breakfast.  And that’s only because Mei Mei hasn’t done FB yet the morning.



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