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Saturday is the day PowerLine publishes the weekly cartoon collection.  Some I have seen and left alone, some are very refreshing and there are a few I simply don’t understand. For example:

????  I don’t get it.

Most of the cartoons are memes on p* or vp*.  This one seemed especially to the point:

With the unexplained abandonment of principles by Joe Manchin, my cynicism has peaked.  The purchase of his character is a lowlight in the news.  But…

Clearly there are things I will never understand based on a logic that would send Spock  back to Vulcan screaming in pain. And yet the lies linger…

Surely there is some truth left in the world… How about this:

We’ve all heard of the patriot congresswomen:Linda Sanchez, who while losing the congressional baseball game gave the republicans the finger on National TV.  Democrats…  Sigh…

  © Robert Graham