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I usually steal my cartoons from PowerLine or a couple of other sites I visit.  The PowerLine guys lag the issues so it’s hard to match the blather I create with a good cartoon.  They do however from time to time tickle my bizarre senses.  This one for example I found right up my alley:


Yeah… Roscoe didn’t get it either.

Two issue that had they involved conservatives or Christians would have been trumpeted from the mountaintops, lie fallow at the feet of the news interpreters.  A US Senator harboring a Chinese spy for 20 years…? Where is the story…? buried and dead. Why… ? The answer: democrat.  A muslim terrorist camp instructing children to do school shootings…  Where is the story…? Buried and dead.  Why…?  You tell me..


Just when you think maybe PDT is going to be OK.  Good things are happening. He’s blasting NFL players;  He’s driving CNN berserk; He’s helping republicans get elected; He’s pushing an agenda that makes all of us great again… Then he decides we need a Space Force..? Sigh…

Oh well.  At least there are some things we can all agree are paramount and must be handled in a manner befitting the importance.


Copper has taken up the usual Golden routine around here.  He ferociously attacks the mystical monsters who haunt just outside the windows and doors.  He lobbies for early rising.  He knows where the food is stored and he loves his love.  Yesterday he greeted Bonnie and Joe like the family they are.  When his two weeks are up, we will be sad.

Off to watch the PGA championship… Should be an all day event what with time off for naps and a bit of pixel massacre.  Very productive.

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