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Catch up

Stuff happens as they say.  I am behind in my blathering about it all.

In other news, Mei Mei celebrated her birthday on Sunday.  She got cards and calls from all of her kids.  Bonnie and Joe fixed a magnificent dinner in her honor. Good time as always.

As you know our dogs are liberal democrats.  They just assume we will provide food, shelter and medical care and their only responsibility is a demand for attention.  Sadly they have recently found that "voting rights” is a cause they can easily support. First of all since they cannot articulate beyond a senseless barking noise, this is the kind of issue they they can easily demagogue.  No logic or facts required.  Just noise.  And if that noise results in more control all the better. At this time the human conservatives have the power.  But never underestimate the ability of conservatives to screw things up.


As it turns out the FBI. did not rescue the hostages from the Synagog in Texas.  They rescued themselves.  Once again the nations premier law enforcement agency is caught up in moral turpitude...

I don’t have access to the unfettered truth but the anecdotal evidence speaks to me that the current vaccines do not prevent the spread or contraction of the omicron wuhan.  The vaccines do purport to reduce the severity of the wuhan but I’m not at all convinced how we know that.  There is talk of requiring a 4th shot as an additional booster and I am already saying not interested. I have always opposed mandating vaccinations.  Given the anemic performance against the variant, the mandates for youth and children smack of bureaucratic stupidity.


As most are aware the vp* suffered foot extraction surgery after an all too friendly interview on CBS.  She was apparently either poorly briefed or is just incompetent. 

 And finally as p* celebrates his first year in office, the premier cartoonist of all time, Ramirez, gives us a summary:

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