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My virus addled brain function is barely at a primal level today.  Thus stripped of cogent commentary, I have decided to reflect on my genetic heritage.  Although I have no demonstrative DNA data, family anecdotal evidence points to a long standing linkage to the Mongol gene pool.  Blood lust, the desire to fire feces dipped deadly arrows into collections of particular political groups while wearing urine soaked leather as armor; and of course the inclination to take no prisoners, are all personality traits held dear.  

Should I some day seek elective office or perhaps employment at a renowned institute of higher learning, I will cite this evidence to establish my veracity in claim of the considerations given to minority population membership.  


In case you missed it, the month of March is screwing us over.  The first week never happened. It just vanished.  Now as we approach the middle, the weather is turning into February with snow predicted for tonight.  Of course February was May so the confusion just goes on.

Outraged… when will the NYT condemn PDT’s collusion with the NORKS…?  I am sure the FBI is all over it.  What exactly is Mueller doing about it..?  Is there no justice anywhere…?  Damn the NRA anyway.

OK.  This is going downhill rapidly.  I need a heavy dose of zinc and vitamin C. Perhaps with a Balvanie 12 yr chaser…

aa© Robert Graham 2012