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Troy Aikman was a great football player; Joe Buck has a very smooth commentators voice.  But they are both super wealthy elites now who have taken of the democrat kool aid.  That seems to happen when one has achieved that lofty celebrity… They were both caught on an open mike mocking the expense of a military flyover.  Says Aikman… "That stuff ain't happening with womanwhoshallnotbenamed-Biden ticket. I'll tell you that right now, partner,” How pathetic is that…?

Speaking of the womanwhoshallnotbenamed… 

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Interesting that joeys response to the hunter emails was to seek the succor of his basement and the shield of the news interpreters.  Neither he nor his campaign staff have denied the veracity of the NY Post story.  


As some one pointed out, biden could murder someone on live TV and it would have no effect on the election.  About 1/3 of the voters have already voted. The news interpreted would somehow convince the Great American Voter that it was justifiable because the victim was a PDT supported…  The more I heard about Trump closing the gap and how shy voters will swing the result, the more pessimistic I become….

This weeks Sunday School lesson is particularly difficult.  I’ve watched the video a dozen times and I can’t find a way to explain or add to the Pastor's lesson.  Maybe I’ll just call a lid until Monday….

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