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It’s clear I am out of touch with the mainstream. Changes on towards the progressive are in order.  I went back to reread some of the trash I produce and without question I need to be cancelled.  In fact I  periodically cancel myself only to regress and give in to my white nationalist, privileged impulses. As security against the trending terrorists of the right,  I have applied for funding to fully surround the compound with a 61 foot high, razor wired fence.  I also asked for 2000 National Guard dogs to be stationed here for additional security.  We have ample unheated garage space for them to sleep. I acknowledge that the fencing would conflict with my recent open borders philosophy but I’ll use some of the fencing for "migrant facilities" - know as cages for children when xPDT did it.  I’ll disconnect the gas line and electricity, putting in place whirly-gig pin wheels connected to generators.  We’ll harness the natural gas from the 2004 dogs in the house not to mention that from assorted humans for heat and cooking.  Small steps but if this is how p*doj wants us to live then what choice do I have.

Finally there is question of gender within the compound.  Which of the 60 possible genders will be assigned…? TBD in a later post…

  © Robert Graham