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Chest cold

But still we drove half way to Alexandria and passed Hannah off to Kathleen.  Matthew arrives this weekend to find out what happens next.

My perspective is badly affected by the misery of my affliction.  I only see one dimension: negative.  Roseanne is a whack job.  Everyone knows that. Remember when she screamed the National Anthem and then gave the world the finger…?  When she proves yet again it by insulting an icon of the hussein years, the news interpreters lead the left wing choir in a song of rage.   So far the count of people who have lost their jobs  as they slurred PDT with wishes of death, racial hatred and character assassination remains at more or less zero.  But Roseanne lost her job in less than half a day for a crude yet by no means violent or threatening tweet.  We are rapidly becoming the UK where people are locked away in secret, with legal gags on press coverage, just for not adhering to left wing dogma. The thought crimes police of 1984…

Poor Harry has an ear infection.  Just what he needs with his other issues.  I empathize because I am almost old myself.

The rain has paused after a thorough drenching.  No golf today because the course is sopping.  Unfortunately the grass loves all this rain and grows vigorously in response.  I need to get out to mow between showers but the ground is very soft.  That’s my way of saying I’ll get to it after my nap… Maybe…

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