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It’s over.  The only aggravation that persists is that of the dems who just can’t stand the glorious “ no collusion; no obstruction” words of the song.  Their intense infuriation and disapprobation cannot be mollified.  Now their target is the cool rational, observer and relater of the facts contained on the report: AG Barr. Because he didn’t speak ill of PDT he is labeled a  sycophant  I recall the  contemptuous e.holder, declaring to great democrat applause that he was hussein’s wingman.  Oh right… hypocrisy…democrat… interpreters… synonymous….


I didn’t even try to read the actual report… I mean why would I…?  But those who summarized and interpreted, clearly revealed the SpecProc and his evil minions tried their damnedest to find something, please GOD, anything, to convict the man or at least smear him unmercifully.  The best they could in two years do was whine…


And all the while bb hil, hussein and his train of dubious snots who were and are actually criminally culpable, soil their place on earth without reference or condemnation.  

I noticed on FOX that CNN reporter April Smith wants Sarah Sanders fired because “she lied to the American People”.  By that standard, wouldn't the whole of CNN be fired, along with the staff of the WP and NYT…?  If I had a penny for every time they lied about collusion

In other news, I played miserable golf on a beautiful day Wednesday.  Clearly that evil game was invented by a democrat.

Yesterday I visited the cardiologist who some time back installed my bionic heart augmentation.  He said why are you here…? I only see people who have issues.  You are healthy enough to do anything…  Get out of my office and don’t come back.  (Unless you have a problem, of course).  

I know you don’t care but last night, after destroying a huge monstrous accumulation of pixels portraying a  strange similarity to a House Committee Chair person  and thousands of creatures resembling democrat congress persons, all hungry for my soul, I was awarded the Exotic 1000 Voices Fusion Rifle and the coveted Glittering Key.  My performance was no doubt augmented in great measure by a wee dram of 14 year old Oban before the raid.

Ah…. Life is Good…


aa© Robert Graham 2012