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ABC release proceeded the pick, controversial even so.  The protestors probably had signs for Mother Theresa just in case.  

Apparently the leaders of the clinton crime syndicate; to wit: dirty bil and evil hil, flew on a commercial flight from washington to Boston.  Mobs of conservative protestors gathered to shame them by screaming “We know where you live” and in addition to grabbing their MAGA caps.   OK, no protestors.  Everyone was just in shock that they actually sat together on a vehicle of the proletariat.

Sadly the Kavanaugh nomination is doomed to rejection.  There is a book out that says the Judge actually mouthed the word, dare I say it… the B-word… when he saw her on TV in 1997 at dirty bil’s inauguration.  WOW.  SHOCKED.

It’s a little publicized fact that at one time the US actively pursued Eugenics, in fact sterilizing thousands of people in the name of genetic purity.  In 1927 the SCOTUS voted 8-1 that a woman, Carrie Buck, could be sterilized because she was manifestly unfit.  The opinion was written by Oliver Wendall Holmes.  It is said that potential Justice Kavanaugh concurred, although the evidence is sketchy. But I fully expect those noble states-persons schumer and durbin to swear to it.

I realize I am graphic heavy this morning but please allow me just one more:


Thank you harry reid…

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