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Christmas Eve

Very quiet here as we have no family visiting…  But after all...


There was an article on the editorial page of the WSJ this morning about Christmas in Poland under communism.  People somehow found a way to celebrate in spite of repression.  Perhaps that’s what we need.  Forbid people to celebrate Christmas and maybe we’ll fins a way back.

In Minnesota, a jury convicted a former police officer of manslaughter because she accidentally shot a criminal while struggling with him during an arrest. Contrast this with the police officer who, unprovoked, shot and killed a woman on January 6th.  Not only is he still a cop, but remains uncharged.  Justice is a rare commodity these days.

We’ll attend the 8 PM service tonight and celebrate Christmas dinner with Joe and Bonnie. Hopefully the family will join in a mass zoom tomorrow morning  Thanks to Scott for setting it up.

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