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The crisis I mean.  Hot water problem fixed by worlds greatest plumber.  Still working on pool pump timer but that also will soon be in hand.  We are racing to get ready for our celebratory trip to Kiawah next week.  Trying to find sitters for our fosters is a bit of a struggle.  It seems to be coming together.  Details, details… I need a secretary.

Our vacuous p* continues to frighten those of us who value our country.  Well, thankfully we always have Jill, hereinafter identified as p**, clearly identified as the REAL president.

Critical race theory is something I know little about.  I react negatively to the concept but I am not sure exactly why except for the opposition by those whose patriotism and politics I respect and admire.  So I embarked on an inquisition.  Here i reference the best summary I found of what CRT is and why it should terrify us all. Take the short time out of your life to watch the video.


Tomorrow at Church we will bid farewell and honor the life of a WW ll veteran who has claimed his reward in Heaven.  What is sad to me is that generation, the Greatest Generation is almost gone now and few know their stories.  My dad entered the war as an enlisted man and exited a Lt Col.  There must have been a significant story there but it is lost, never to be reclaimed.  What a contrast with senators (Blumenthal) and news anchors (Brian Williams) who boasted of manufactured valor and those true heroes who refused to talk about theirs…


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