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on edge this morning.  Mike sent me a piece of Laurence Tribe garbage, which led me me to snap at him for the for the typical Never-Trump factual inaccuracies… uh… I mean outright lies and fabrications. Sorry Mike.  On the bright side, this proves I do read the material you all send me… BTW don’t bother with the link… It will cause mental anguish.

I see almost-old, white heterosexual, practicing Catholic (well except for the baby killing part),  joey b.  made the headlines on Drudge this morning.  Great graphic.  Some pretty good cartoons on the topic:


I can’t say I don’t care when the dems eat their own, quite entertaining in fact, but really the main question is who actually unleashed the News Interpreters on poor (almost) old, white, hetero, Christian joey…?  I’m guessing it wasn’t because of a dossier compiled by PDT supporters.

I am going to grit my teeth, gird my loins and play golf tomorrow.  It may well be wet and cold but I must either get out there or quit pretending I am a golfer.  Or I could just take a nap.

Can it be that the Great American Public is supportive of the wildly inane and hysterical  screeching from the democrat house that they must have the uncensored Mueller finding immediately and without regard for the laws and procedures they themselves legislated…?  The fingernails on the chalkboard must be audible to even those accustomed to ignoring the hyperbole of the general democrat demeanor.  I mean didn’t they, the GAP, just throw the republicans out of office for sitting around around whining instead of legislating…?  Will they do the same to the democrats… I guess I won’t hold my breath… 

I sent this to Mike this morning.  Not exactly family fare but sort of fits this page:

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