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The climate gave us rain yesterday after a couple of days of sun.  The freshly planted grass loves it. New tiny grasslings are sprouting up like hunter emails…

Obviously fb and twitter are running interference for joey.  The have no shame about the blatant election meddling for the same reason the clinton foundations received so many donations when the evil one was running for president.  They know, as they knew then, that the dems will cheer at the corruption and laugh at demands for justice. PDT killed the clinton foundation by getting elected.  Our hope for justice is another term but the social media fascists think that isn’t going to happen and thus: in your face…  

IMG 3405

I have always seen the evil in social media… The only way out is to simply stop using it.  But we love the family pictures and what’s the harm in that…?  Realize for a moment that those evil bloodsuckers got their power from big money and that money comes from mining users preferences to create advertising.  No charge for the service, thank you very much… I’ll just suck up every tiny factoid in your life and sell it back to you in advertising you don’t even realize is driving your life.  They won’t go down easy because this is really, really big money and really really big power. Don’t believe me…?  just try to shut down your own facebook account… They won’t let you.

Little Gracie Pearl came into our lives as a foster from Turkey.  She was quite the Islamist… She was standoffish and since the outside life was all she knew, that was where she wanted to be.  After a year and a half with us, she has changed quite a bit.  She now prefers inside to out although she will never pass up a chance to dart through the door.  She seeks attention and has become quite affectionate in return.  She won’t cuddle on the couch but now chooses her resting places close by.  Sadly, her politics are typically golden…  She walks around withe stuffed biden Pam gave me for my birthday

IMG 2519


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