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will turn on us this afternoon.  We have enjoyed a balmy fall but it going to get cold and words like wintry mix are being thrown about.  Not fun…

Damon set off with his new family yesterday.  What an ingrate.  Same thing always happens.  We pour our hearts and souls into the rehab and then they run away and never look back.  It’s only happened about a hundred times…

Veterans Day yesterday.  I think I am not alone in resenting the well meaning folks who are quick with the “Thank you for your service”.  It has become trite and meaningless unless offered by another veteran who understands the service. And that is usually not the case.  There was an article in the WSJ the other day describing the reaction of veterans who went to college only to find people contemptive of free speech and the democratic values of this Nation.  They fought and watched people die and for what…?  To permit these sad examples of the human race whine about being offended by speech…?  

The contempt I have for the News Interpreters who day after day continue to bring shame upon themselves cannot be properly expressed.  The immorality of their quest to effect their political agenda fulfills the definition.  They cannot be humiliated.  They will never acknowledge their sins.  Unfortunately it appears that God holds us accountable.

No one truly believes Epstein committed suicide.  The propagation of the story is another in the great failures of the American News Media.  Everyone knows that ABC killed the story to protect the Clintons.  Everyone.  There are so many good cartoons but given my Apple leanings, I really liked this one:


In a rare moment of acknowledging reality I must commend the weather idiots for their forecast.  They predicted the exact moment of the rain and cold pushing the warmth out to sea.  Kudos.  Damn it’s nasty…

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