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Ours is  a dandy.  The notoriously changing climate dumped almost a foot of snow on us.  It’s lovely to look at this morning but I dread tomorrow with the slush and muck… The dogs loved it.  Khloe has certainly never seen snow before. She romped and bounced and stuck her nose in.  Gracie, our muslim from Turkey was a bit disdainful but she and Khloe rolled and wrestled.  Roscoe said "What the #$^$# is all this..”

IMG 3320

I think it is apparent to the casual observer that I am not a p* fanboy.  But I have been cautious about his cognitive degradation.  Happens to us all in one form or another. I know the frequency of my arriving in a room wondering why and what I was seeking is dramatically increasing.  But then I am almost old and harbor no delusions about being in charge of anything except my video game.  I have to say, however, after listening and watching the man’s performance at that press conference, I cannot give him a pass any longer.  I waited patiently for the news interpreters and daily blogs to catch up with my opinion.  It took a couple of days but a state of pall has emerged as the implications of that short circuited mind presiding over the national defense policy become clear… I am officially frightened.

We are altogether snowed in for today and tomorrow.  Reminiscent of our lives in Connecticut at the bottom of a steep 450 foot driveway.  Those snow drops were more like several feet.  We snuggled in front of the wood stove and loved it.  But ah... we were young...

  © Robert Graham