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Yeah it monsooned yesterday.  We started out for a quick dinner at a local place when suddenly had to pull over because visibility was zero.  Turned around and went home and then sat in the car for 15 minutes waiting for the tide to turn. We finally dashed the 10 feet to the back door and got drenched. 

Sadly the great music festival downtown got the same rain and was washed out.  They hope for better today.

Several things in the reading this morning that peak my ire.  I’ve never been a believer in the Peggy Noonan mystique.  She was, after all, a big advocate for the Islamist-in-chief.   If she couldn’t see past hussein, what gives her the right to a half page top of the fold op-ed every Saturday in the WSJ…  In her world this morning she hardly masks her inner, more probably outer, democrat as she blames PDT for the attempted coup. She is pulling hard for little joe b. because, after all, he is a sophisticated man of the town who will return us to the old school sanity and cocktail parties…  I am not a fan of her prose or her politics.  bleeeech….  From now on she will be referred to in lower case.

Little joey b…. What a joke.  He couldn’t even get through an interview from the fawning ladies on the View…He truly exemplifies what happens when you expose the feces of the male bovine to the sunlight.  It begins to stink to high heaven.  His greatest pride is there was not one “whisper of scandal”  during his time as VP… ?  As the millennial would say:  O.M.G… Bowie Bergdahl and the Taliban Five… If you like your doctor… Pallets of cash to the Iranians…  Russian interference in the election… not to mention the taking of Crimea unchallenged… and these:


yeah… well played joe… A benevolent God would send lightning…

Well, it’s cartoon day and my unabashed plagiarism of PowerLine.  There were some biden the groper stuff and some others I had seen and rejected earlier in the week.  I am fussy about my cartoons.  Still there are always one or two worthy of a chortle…

IMG 9889

IMG 1604

No one would accuse me of being a “cat person”.  History is replete with examples of mutual animosity.  Still, this one I really liked:

The rescue group sent out a plea.  A family had to give up their three Goldens, a mom and two brothers.. The males are intact but the mom is spayed.  We volunteered to take all three

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I doubt they will be placed with us but you can see our motivation.

Finally this from PowerLine:  Its a bit lengthly but play a few minutes of it and you will be amused…


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