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Yeah, I know we have been neglecting the deadly effects of climate of late.  Somehow, as I have suggested in the past, real life gets in the way of a good fantasy.But, in the span of three days our climate here in Hampton Roads has gone from the full on heat of mid summer to that of traditional early March.  No real point to be made.  I just like to whine. 

Doom has been prognosticated.  Social distancing hasn’t helped.  The virus is everywhere.  A resurgence is inevitable.  We need to stay home but open up the economy. People are foregoing needed medical procedures and are dying in droves.  Hospitals are under utilized.  The MEAT IS GONE… 

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Just doing my part.  And BTW if you think people are staying home, just venture out onto the road and observe the traffic.  Not sure where they are going but there they are...

The founder of Politico had an interesting quote relative to the  NYT calling for an investigation of the biden / Reade affair:


I can’t add value to that… But back to the Covid thingy…

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