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No question about it.  It’s cold…  If you have pets, this public service announcement from a veterinarian is very important:

It seems that ABC is engaged in a massive investigation into its reputation as a news organization because of failing to report on the story, gathered and ready, on the Epstein case.  What I mean is they are trying desperately to identify that vile person who exposed their failure.  Once they discover the person will they laud and commend the moral strength it took to disclose the corruption?  Oh sure they will.  But sadly it will be part of the eulogy after that person commits suicide.


Credible rumors are emerging that the Houston Astros cheated at baseball by using cameras to steal the opposition’s signs.  Good grief… is nothing sacred anymore…?  Next thing you know the democrats will be trying to impeach the President by making up crimes…  maybe they would even televise it…


Mei Mei is playing bridge.  I am home along with the dogs.  They are napping… hmmmmmm…

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