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Come on, man….

I guess poor old demented joe won’t be using that gender specific call out again… Being in the category of almost old, I feel fully exempt from social mandates.  I assume genders, scream get off my lawn, speak ill of the trans and apply hag, witch and even the b word to  nan the ripper… And until the black shirts come pounding on my door at two in the morning, I will be blissfully unaware of criticism because I subscribe to no social media and never listen to jake tapper.  

I am guilty of condemning democrats as stupid, but now I must condemn the Trump supporters for their lack of intelligence.  All they had to do was carry a few BLM banners, wear antifa shirts and burn a building or two.  Then the demonstration would have been labeled mostly peaceful, there would have been no prosecutions and the news interpreters would have ignored the whole thing.

I had to spend over an hour dealing with my computer’s sluggishness and unwillingness to perform even simple tasks.  I thought for a while that perhaps it had been elected to Congress.  A closer examination revealed a misbehaving application from 1Password that installed itself without my permission.  I did manage to overcome it’s persistence and restored the operating system of my computer to robust performance worthy of ownership.

The pictured item above is a PS 5.  I do not have one.  I assume I’ll be  eligible for a PS 5 about the same time nan the hag apologizes publicly  for her Trump derangement and steps down from Congress to pursue an "ice cream for the poor” charity.  In the meantime consider this:


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