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I was supposed to play golf this morning but it rained until a few minutes ago.  Although I want to play, anticipation of wet and cool resulted in a body revolt.  Brain says play; body is on strike.  Neither one is is fully competent so I’ll just sit here.

We are down to single dog.  Lena is spending the week with her adoptive family.  They won’t officially adopt until after she recovers from her surgery.  They will no doubt fall heavily in love though.  She has that effect.

Maybe it’s just the dreary Monday, but I have a very pessimistic view of the 2020 prospects.  With democrats throwing sand into the gears of economic progress, the economy will cool dramatically.  Without that morale boost, folks will rapidly tire of PDT and his bombastic rhetoric.  For whatever reason, perhaps idiocy, the Great American Public cannot see the follies of the democrat party.  How the electorate could be persuaded that the democrats have solutions for America, particularly in light of the inane petulance they demonstrated in the street about PDT, is a concept my brain cells cannot grasp.  But there you have it.  The screwup on Kavanaugh was just bad enough to hold the Senate.  But it took recounts.  And this was such a favorable political map for republicans… Yeah, 2020 is looking sour.  

Dallas puled off an unlikely win and Washington’s star QB had his leg broken.  Should make for an interesting game on Thursday.  Yeah… I know, who cares…but in my mind, admittedly small, that contest is red vrs blue, but in this case red is evil and blue is good.

The democrats grudgingly conceded in Florida.  The Georgian democrat admitted defeat but refused to concede. Apparently insisting on a fair election where the dead and alien are denied votes, amounts to suppression.  Yeah I can see that.  

We will give Thanks with the Fuquas as is traditional.  I hate the drive but love of family makes it worthwhile.  This will be our first trip w/o Harry and that makes me sad.  He loved to go more than any dog we have had.  I wonder if they have turkey at the Bridge…? Got to stop thinking… My brain isn’t properly equipped for that.

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