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Congratulations Kayla

Now a high school graduate.  We got to watch the graduation last night.  The school streamed to ceremony and we were able to tune in.  We sat and cheered from our recliners as Kayla Michelle strolled across the stage to receive her diploma.  Half a world away… Pretty exciting.

I tried to play golf last week but my left knee is acting up.  I swung my clubs many more times than I am accustomed and ended up with a terrible score and a hobbled knee.  On the disabled list for a few weeks.

I just have no words for where we are and where we are going.  No one seriously believes p* is directing policy or leading anything. He was clearly blackmailed into letting the Bernie faction dictate.  I’m sure they have enough evidence of biden family corruption to send the whole group to hell.  Of course they couldn’t be prosecuted because there is no true justice anywhere in the so called establishment. I know I am cnyiall by nature, but if the ground truth was ever presented in fact, my delusions of cynicism would seem like a fairy tale.

We don’t do baby formula of course but the whole shortage and resulting crises does beg the question: how did babies get fed before Similac and the equivalents came on the market…?

I’’m not angry anymore.  Well, except when the chip shot shanks into the bunker, but my tolerance is way down. for example:


I am indeed a racist. and furthermore:

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