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Every now and then I read a reference to article this or that of the Constitution so I break out a copy to refresh memory.   I am always stricken by the dense language and the thoroughness of the specification.  I note also that in the process of establishing Justice, insuring domestic Tranquility, providing for the common defence, promoting the general Welfare, and securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, the instrument is quite specific in protecting the people from the government.  Nothing is quite so effective at quenching the abuse of us all by Big Government as enumeration of powers.

(Brief pause whilst one searches for reference to abortion among said enumerations)


>>> Citation not found <<<


In other news, on Tuesday Mei Mei, bless her heart, volunteered to pick up my medications from the dispensary.  To do that she needed to take my ID card.  Shortly after leaving she returned to the house announcing she had lost the ID card.  Oh dear.  A two issue problem.  Lost ID is one but I needed the medications that day since I was out.  So off to the Dispensary we went.  They absolutely refused to give me the meds without an ID card.  I appealed to the head pharmacist who I could tell really wanted to help me.  Fortunately God had whispered in my ear to take a copy of my DD 214 with me to prove I have served and retired.  As soon as the pharmacist saw that paper, she relented and gave me the meds.  

Yeah we found the ID card in the car wedged between seat and center console.  

The omicron…. yikes… infects the vaccinated.  Right.  Thank “I am Science", fauci, for masks because clearly if vaccination fails to protect the mask will stop it in its tracks.


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