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I am in fact a Constitutional scholar and expert.  I mean if sleazy old hussein of ex-presidential infamy, could teach the subject, how could I not be…? So I will tell you straight out that the words “All women, declared or undeclared, have the  inalienable  right to have a God given life ripped from their uterus” are not  found anywhere in our governing Document.  On the other hand, the same writ says in many places that mankind, declared or undeclared, shall be free of the tyranny of p* dictates.    And thus, the sterling character of schumerpelsoi notwithstanding, I declare a fundamental and intolerable disagreement with the democrat governance   

In other news, we live in a house and yard that is easily eight times our needs and capability to maintain even as greedy, materialistic white privileged nationalists. Just venting… No point to be made.

At some place in my history, I felt some pity for the p*.  His obvious cognitive decline isn’t something he can control and he is probably in denial. It isn’t funny in any case.  That said, I cannot forgive his clinging to power in light of his devastating handling of the Afghanistan debacle.  Impeachment, though warranted, is insufficient.  His crass unfeeling reception of the heroes who died at his hand is unforgivable.  My contempt is now complete.  

  © Robert Graham