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No, not big jimmy.  He’s not cool.  I’m talking about the climate. Very cool.  Too cool to hit practice balls; too cool to mow the lawn.  Excellent for napping.

Moving right along, with the personal news, two candidate families have been selected for interview by Halley.  We hope she will reject everyone of course, but that seems unlikely at this point.  None of the interviews have been scheduled,  Maybe they will forget.

I’ve reached the point in my current video game where the end game confrontation with the top level evil is imminent.  Usually that means a frustrating, impossibly difficult struggle, during which the good guy, me, dies many times.  Finally just as the good guy, me, is ready to move on, because, really what difference at this point does it make, perseverance wins and once again integrity and strong principles triumph.  

Lest you think I am approaching a moralistic analogy wrapped about PDT, Mueller and big jimmy…not this time.  Some games, such as ”Far Cry 5” have interesting alternative endings based on decisions made earlier in the game.  Killing the final boss and destroying his/her warped, mind controlling cult sometimes leads to a break down of integrity and principles among the virtuous winners and the result is a crumbling society with factions who turn to destroying each other.  This is the model  of how Rome fell and and the path America the Beautiful is taking.  Is it too late to modify the decisions that will ultimately decide the ending…?  We can only pray…

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