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Could be worse

And then sure enough, things got worse. Or did they…? Sometimes one has to listen carefully…. For example: psaki the red, was asked if the steams of illegals coming across the Texas border were being tested for the wuhan… Her answer may have passed quickly past you: She said it wasn’t necessary because the individuals crossing the border did not intend to stay long…  Well that’s certainly good news.  Those folks who paid the coyotes thousand of dollars to ferry them in airless vans at genuine risk of life to end up at a camp in the Texas heat with no water or bathrooms are simply on vacation… Who knew…?

I have ask: When p* meets in private with other heads of state, is he protected by a firewall of staffers to protect himself from his verbal incontinence…?  If the visitor asks a hard question, does a staffer answer or do they simply cut off the feed…?  Just wondering…

P* hasn’t even made it through a year.  Can you believe that.  Seems like so much longer.   Oh well.  At least we aren’t living in Australia… yet.

  © Robert Graham