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That's a Patsy Cline song… A synonym of insane… which according to Einstein is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.  You know… like mandating arbitrarily and unconstitutionally that businesses shut down to prevent the spread of the wuhan… and then when the spread gets worse. lock down again and fine people who have no income and jail people whose crime is trying to operate  business to feed their families… and throw 2 year olds off airplanes for not wearing a… ahem… can’t use the adjective in mind… mask… and shut down schools where the SCIENCE proves there is no spread…  Then those who make the mandate; those who feast at the public trough with jobs that never end, simply ignore the rules they impose and do what the want because… they can.  Whoa… better shut down this thread.  I might get angry…


OK, I got the flu shot.  No flu.  I got the shingles shot.  No shingles.  I didn’t get the wuhan shot.  No wuhan…  It’s all so confusing.  Better take my guns.  I am unsafe.

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After experimenting and getting advice from an internet friend, I have decided that YouTube TV streaming service is better that Hulu.  More channels and very importantly, easier to use.  Once you crack the lid on this streaming stuff the the evil of pandora comes at you from all directions.  Of course YouTube is a Google product and I have sworn to keep that evil empire at bay… Resistance is futile.  after all I admitted China to my world through Zoom and Lord knows what else… 

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