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I am inundated.  Our hot water heater stopped working and I am unable to get the pilot relighted.  Life depends on hot water.  I suppose we could get the cauldron out and heat water over the gas fireplace…seems inefficient.  Plumber on his way... Further aggravation is the pool pump timer doesn’t work.  Because of the fixes done earlier, the chlorine generator is working exceptionally well so the chlorine is dangerously high.  Running the pump less often than 24/7 helps that.  But the timer is on its back with four legs in the air. Normally this would be a simple replace the timer sort of thing but having a bit of biden brain at this point in my life, I am unwilling or maybe unable to do complex electrical things… 


Very interesting article in the WSJ about Japan’s attempt to more to a hydrogen based energy source.  I have always been an advocate of using hydrogen but realize that it takes a great deal more energy to extract hydrogen than it provides.  I do believe the solution to breaking through the extraction problem is near and that will open a floodgate of inexhaustible energy. Sadly I will not be here to enjoy the benefits of that leap but I cheer the effort and planning Japan is taking on.

Oh boy… Tomorrow p* meets with putin… the battle of wits where one man goes in unarmed…  Maybe in return for no more ransomware from russia, p* will give him California… or Chicago…or nan the ripper.

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