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Cruising towards

The end of 2020.  Question begged:  Will 2021 return us to normal or simply be 2020 v2…? I tend towards the latter but I am a well established cynic and science doubter.

Our 36th consecutive NYE celebration with the McLanes was supposed to be hosted here in VaBch this year.  Abundance of caution and a modicum of common sense mandated either delayed travel or the application of technology to permit a remote visit to provide the essentials elements.  To wit: the skit conducted by the visiting team and the inevitably incomplete jigsaw puzzle.  This year we have copies of the same puzzle and will start assembly in synchronized fashion with frequent checks on mutual progress.

I spent some time last night going back through some 35mm slides I had scanned.  I was looking for pictures of my Dad and Scott from 1962.  I found a lot of fun pictures:


This is the one I was looking for:


This one isn’t of Scott but … 

  © Robert Graham