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Is the cry from our local weather idiots.  While I continue to pray for those who will be truly affected, that population isn’t likely to include much of Hampton Roads.  In fact we are in the outer bands of both wind and rain. We are experiencing strong breezes and intermittent rain,  Frankly we have seen much worse from Nor’Easters in the past.  But that doesn’t affect the non-stop dither.  Last night Channel 13, normally a moderate on these sorts of things, ran coverage the entire evening. Oh well.  Err on the side of ratings is what they say.


Presumably you have received the news that Judge Kavanaugh was dragged off in chains by the FBI yesterday while being flogged by thousands of angry #metoo women.  The word that as a child he was in fact a hormone infused rapist of hundreds of innocent teen age girls was released by Senator diane feinstein.  She personally beat him bloody with a baseball bat, whilst screaming about being Joan of Arc.  Spartacus cory booker cheered her on as the authorities tasered the Judge.  Resisting arrest will be added to the charges.

Yeah. That’s the story promulgated by the news interpreters.  To them this is just another “dossier".  Call in the SpecProc.  In fact, as  pointed out by a WSJ editorial, its a desperation hail Mary thrown by the ever so pathetic dems in hopes in will somehow it will do what they have been unable to do with histrionics, lies, mis-quotes and pure hatred.  feinstein, who is notable only for her inability to recall crimes because of her taking of mind altering drugs, has, or has made up, some vague letter implying Kavanaugh may possibly have done something sexual with a girl when he was a teen ager.  She has has this missive for several months but only now has referred it to the FBI, who by the way has investigated the totality of Kavanaugh many times over the years of his judgeship. 

Please forgive my hysterics but this is really the low point in a long history of bottom feeding by the democrats. I just wish the English language had a better descriptor this state of moral squalor.

Sadly the Great American Public will simply see the interpreters version.  They will say tsk, tsk and wonder why those evil republicans are allowed to govern anywhere.

I got Harry out side and back in between rain bursts.  Good for Harry but I just don’t know wow many more times I can carry him up onto the deck.  I am almost old after all.  But so is he…  I wonder who will carry me...

One last thing.  The NYT, in it’s usual contempt for anything not liberal, ran a headline about the curtains in Nikki Haley’s office costing $52,701.00.  OMG.  Can you imagine…?  Waste, corruption, damn those republicans who just don’t care… What’s that….? The curtains were ordered under the hussein administration…?  Haley had no input…?  Are you kidding me…?  I have to make another retraction of fake news…?  Sigh…


I'll say one thing about the weather…. Great for napping.

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