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The shoots are 6 inches high.  I expect flowers any day now.  Sunny and 54 this morning.  It occurs to me:  what if algore is right…? OMG… We’re all dead meat.  We are 30 years into a 10 year span wherein life is impossible.  We may all eventually die.  Or at least get old.


The word is fancy nancy was told exactly how dire the situation is at the border and her response was “I reject your facts”  Not a surprising statement from someone of her mental acuity. Every one remember “pass the bill to find out what’s in it” .  The dems are happy to tolerate murderers, rapists, crime gangs, cartel members and crazed islamists… as long as they vote.  No wall says they, no matter the carnage. Nice going voters of America…

I discovered our financial advisor may be reading this compendium of right wing trash… She made reference to the diabolical conspiracy of shrinking belts that haunts me daily.  

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I haven’t had a cookie since Wednesday.  I’m listening for the cheers but it’s awfully quiet… Maybe I just need a piece of See’s candy to sharpen my hearing… Are those cobwebs on the elliptical…?

Christmas comes down today… Sigh…

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