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Our new Foster, Damon, again from that Islamist stronghold of Turkey. He’s four.

His story includes being delivered with a severe injury to his back right foot, requiring amputation of a couple of toes.  It’s a  delicate surgery and he is in danger of losing the leg if infection sets in.  He must be kept quiet and off the foot as much as possible.  Difficult for a four year old, especially when there is in residence yet another Turkish National, aged three, who would love to celebrate the old times of raging in streets.  Consequently we have to keep him sedated which explains his sleepy look. Roscoe, an all American democrat agnostic, had no comment.

By now you should be aware that Brett Kavanaugh, that proven liar and woman abuser and renowned racist nazi, has once again been found guilty by the bastion of integrity and "All the News Fit to Print”, NYT.  The Times published an excerpt from a soon to be released tell all book, clearly accusing Kavanaugh of a drunken sexual offense at a frat party. oooh… good stuff.  Impeachment cries are ringing from the dem (or is it dim…?) candidates.  Smoking gun and all that.  

Unfortunately for the accusers and their cheering squads, the “facts” were discovered by Mollie Hemingway. (among my personal heroines). Also included in the book, but omitted by the NYT reporters, was the fact that the abused woman has no recollection of the alleged incident nor do any of the purported witnesses in attendance.  The NYT was forced to publish a correction.  Good Lord.  It’s almost as if the left will do or make up anything they think might tarnish PDT… Oh right.. Exactly true.

The dumpster containing the residue of the former roof is still in place blocking access to the garage.  As a result I cannot get the lawn mower out and the lawn is rapidly growing into a rain forest.  I will soon need a chain saw.  On the other hand preparation for that sort of exertion requires exceptional rest. And we all know what that means…

aa© Robert Graham 2012